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quietearth [Celluloid 02.11.08] movie news drama noir crime

Twitch recently posted a review of this from a screening at the European Film Market, and after checking out the trailer, I'm really hoping this genre trend from South America continues. With stunning cinematography, what looks like a great storyline, and the classic apathetic looking protagonist, is a story set in 1952 which revolves around a small time private detective who gets dragged into a dangerous mystery by a beautiful woman. Trailer and more after the break.

"It is 1952. While Eva Perón is lying on her deathbed, Corvalán (Ricardo Darín), a small-time private detective, finds himself entangled in a story of betrayal and greed. Hired by Gloria (Julieta Díaz), a beautiful and mysterious woman, for what seems to be an ordinary surveillance job, he will gradually reveal a tangle of violence and revenge. Despite Santana's disagreement (Diego Peretti), his friend and partner at the investigation agency, Corvalán decides to move forward with the case knowing that just one wrong decision may lead him to his most tragic fate."

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Natalie (11 years ago) Reply

After seeing the movie, I couldn't figure out who killed whom at the end. Did Gloria shoot Corvalán? Who was the other man? Did he shoot Corvalán an dthen Gloria shot him? i Liked the movie and expected Gloria to be the winner. But I have these unanswered questions.

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