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quietearth [Celluloid 02.13.08] movie news drama

Winning quite a few awards at the Pula Film Festival in Croatia last year is story we all recognize from the news, but question is, how far does it go? A review I found points out that history is repeating itself, but goes on to tell us of a moral ending (which I won't share with you). This is supposed to have some great fast-paced action sequences, and the whole thing is shot in HD, apparently with heavy sepia tones. Release date? Unknown. Trailer and synopsis following.

"In 1943, a group of Croatian fascists overtake a strategically important point in western Bosnia and capture a group of Muslims. The Croatians keep them as hostages until the next group arrives to replace them. The main character Martin kills one of the Muslims and steals his watch. This act connects to the story in 1993 when we meet Martin’s grandson Tomo. He is one of six soldiers of the Croatian army who have come to the same place in Bosnia. They fight a group of Bosnian soldiers and capture those they haven’t killed. In order to leave the place they have to kill the rest. We also find out that one of the captured soldiers is the grandson of the Muslim killed by Tomo’s grandfather."

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Domagoj (11 years ago) Reply

Film was shot with 35mm cam, sometimes 4 at same time, scanned, color correction, laser printed. Best Croatian movie ever.

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