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quietearth [Celluloid 02.13.08] movie news drama noir

Reminiscent of early Jarmusch mixed with a bit of Blue Velvet is something I found at the currently running SF Indiefest. Shot in black and white HD with what they call a "hallucinogenic delta blues soundtrack", the trailer alone impresses. You won't find this listed in IMDB, but luckily the trailer is readily available and it's embedded below the break. You really have to check this one out, and look at these influences listed on the films myspace page: The Bible, Primitive Rock 'n' Roll, in the red Blues, Outlaw Cuntry, Film Noir, Jack Kerouac, Tom Waits, John Coltrane, Skid Row, Alligator Skin, Knives, Diane Arbus, Maya Deren, Robert Frank, Pulp Literature, Dosteovsky, Celine, W.S. Burroughs. Nice.

"THE ROAD TO NOD is a narcotic and brooding tale of wrong decisions and their inevitable and desultory consequences. The film is at its roots an old testament tragedy. Shot in stark high contrast black and white the film bears resemblance to classic film noir and the genre of the Road Movie. The other worldy Irish landscape, long tracking shots and the hallucinogenic blues soundtrack lend the film a peculiar rhythm and atmosphere. Synopsis: After serving a nine year prison sentence, PARRISH, a Skid Row criminal, attempts to rekindle ties with his old partners. Upon his return he’s immediately faced with a harsh new reality: The power on the Skids has shifted and Parrish finds himself on the run and embarks on a trans-European escape from his pursuers. The film blends the archetypes of traditional film noir and the road movie with elements of “Kammerspiel” theatre…with a raw and hallucinogenic delta blues soundtrack."

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