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quietearth [Celluloid 02.13.08] post apocalyptic news comic

While everyone may not have liked Paul Newman's Quintet, it still had one of the best post apocalyptic scenarios I've seen in a film to this day. Taking that to a comic book setting is Dave DiGilio's North Wind, a science fiction adventure set 200 years into the next ice age. Based in LA which has been buried beneath a thousand feet of ice, it revolves around a young character whose village is destroyed by a warlord searching for a long lost oil refinery by the sea. After 15 years, the book comes back to LA seeking revenge against this madman. There's a comic trailer embedded after the break, but even better, the first 2 issues of the limited run 5 issue series are online for free!

North Wind: Issue 1
North Wind: Issue 2
via SCIFI Wire

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