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quietearth [Celluloid 02.15.08] zombies horror

While this is not the first attempt at doing a film from the zombies perspective (we actually posted a short a long time ago that does just this, you'll find it after the break), it's the first feature, and from the trailer it looks mighty accurate. Trust me, I know about zombies. I'm packing 2 sidearms as I type this, you never know. I guess the whole point is that Colin turns into a zombie and wanders around eating people, fun! Colin will hopefully be releasing sometime this year. All following.

From the press release: "Colin has more than its fair share of gore, along with several ambitious set pieces including a broad daylight zombie vs. human street battle and an epic housebound siege. It is also an exploration of who Colin was when he was alive through the objects, places and people he becomes attached to. The make-up design is beautifully realised. Humans are sweaty and dirty whilst the zombies are blood-stained and full of character."

The zombie short After, also from the undead perspective
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soma (12 years ago) Reply

this has been made in the UK - might try and get along to a screening. could be fun.


Rob Hood (12 years ago) Reply

Just on the comment that "Colin" is the first zombie feature film made from the zombie's perspective: what about "Deathdream" [aka Dead of Night] (1974) and "I, Zombie: The Chronicles of Pain" (1998). Even if you argue that the first isn't in the zombie apocalypse tradition (though the main character is dead and cannibalistic), the second certainly fits the bill. In fact, "Colin" sounds very similar in its scenario.

Incidentally "Colin" does indeed look like an excellent film.


projectcyclops (12 years ago) Reply

Don't forget 'Otto; or Up with Dead People'. Still need to see that.


DJBenz (12 years ago) Reply

The main difference between "Colin" and "I, Zombie" is that Colin's change into a zombie isn't a slow decline. He's alive, then he's undead, all within the first few minutes of the movie. What follows is an incredible character study on a new member of the undead. No self-respecting horror fan will be disappointed in this film, believe me.

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