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quietearth [Celluloid 02.23.08] movie news scifi

Avery, one of our readers with a serious thing for kaiju and robots (among others) sent this in recently. If you check out the trailer, you'll find some sweet high energy comedic shots and some nicely designed robots smashing stuff. Since there is no English subtitled trailer, we can only discern it has something to do with saving the Earth from Saturnians. To boil it down into one sentence, this is sheer insanity like only the Japanese can do. This is hitting R2 DVD in April but no subs, and no word on any further releases. All following!

"Masaru, a 23-year-old who has a passive attitude toward life in general, professes himself as a “genius odd-job-man” but is screwing up all of the time. He is freeloading off his girlfriend Kiriko, who works as a tattoo artist. One day, he is offered to do a rather eccentric job from an otaku-looking public employee named Nirasawa, who claims that Masaru’s voice is necessary in activating a giant robot named Land Zeppelin. He goes on straight-faced that the Earth is about to be attacked by Saturnians, and the robot is necessary in the fight against them. At first, Masaru ignores this far-fetched story, but one day he is framed in a dangerous job he takes on together with his friend Kou, and is driven into a tight squeeze. What will happen to Masaru? Does this robot Land Zeppelin really exist?"

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