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quietearth [DVD News 02.25.08] news dvd horror

Every week I run through what's coming out on DVD, and I just found some 1970's horror (with at least one of them starring daughter Asia Argento) from the master, Dario Argento which was initially made or Italian TV is getting a re-release here. For under $20 bux, you get a 2-disc set of 4 films with a runtime of 220 minutes with English subtitles. Check out the description following with a couple of clips I found.

Four spine tingling episodes directed by the master of Italian horror. Directed in 1974 for Italian television, Door Into Darkness was highly controversial at the time for itÃ’s deliberate breaking of the code of violence.

EPISODE 1: The Neighbour. A young couple and their baby move into an isolated apartment, unaware that the man upstairs has just murdered his wife. Directed by Luigi Cozzi of Contamination fame.

EPISODE 2: The Tram. Directing under the moniker of Sirio Bernadotte, Argento springs an intriguing web of mystery, asking viewers to ponder the question of how a woman could have been murdered on a crowded tram and not noticed by anyone. One of the most celebrated Argento efforts of all time.

EPISODE 3: Eyewitness. A young woman driving home late at night, nearly runs into the dead body of another woman. Discovering that the woman has been shot, she rushes away and reports the incident to the police. However, the body is nowhere to be seen, and everyone, including the police and the heroine's husband, believe her to be mad.

EPISODE 4: The Doll. An unknown mental patient escapes from an insane asylum and begins stalking innocent women.

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