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quietearth [Celluloid 02.27.08] movie apocalyptic news thriller dystopic

While checking out PAUK the other day I noticed a mention of the film Quality Time on the boards, and after looking it up, there really wasn't much of anything except a logline. So I got in touch with director Chris LaMont who was kind enough to send us detailed info on the film, including the first still, and I have to say when I saw his response my jaw about hit the floor. Stunning both in the coloring and style presented, the full synopsis makes the film sound like it will be an instant cult classic. Yes, this is the kind of thing we really go for around here. It's about a young man, who living in a dystopic future where the world is literally coming apart around him, still lives at home. He has trouble dating so he strangles women and dumps them on the living room floor for his parents to clean up, and as you can imagine, despising his parents he eventually takes them hostage at gunpoint. Sound interesting? Check the full synopsis, higher rez picture, and directors statement after the break! Trailer coming soon..

"In this surrealistic avante-garde sci-fi drama, the world lives in a dysfunctional future, the global icecaps melting, the military government controlling all aspects of life, including jobs, housing, and food and it’s still tough to talk to your parents.

Welcome to the unique world of Stewart Savage (Corin Nemic), a young man with a tenuous grasp of life. He lives with his mom and dad (Nancy Allen and Bruce Weitz), holds down a meaningless job and is only happy jumping between reality and the fantasy world inside his head.

He has trouble dating, so he strangles his girlfriend (Merdith Salenger). He despises his parents and leaves the bodies in the living room for them to clean up, and threatens the fragile way of life of his parents and the other family (John de Lancie and Gail Strickland) that shares their governmental home with his psychotic behavior.

On the night of his dad’s birthday, he snaps and takes both families hostage at gunpoint. He forces them to confront their relationships and themselves, but along the way, his own demons force him to confront his own problems. As the police close in, he holds a mirror up to his own fragile psyche and discovers that he needs to fix his own world before he tries to fix anybody else."

Director's Statement:
"This film has been a passion project of mine for a long time. The script addressed some basic issues about family, relationships, perspective, perception, moral issues, and madness. We were able to bring together a talented cast that brought the characters into a believable narrative that the audience can empathize. There are several technical storytelling elements we are able to play with - use of distinctive color, breaking the fourth wall, screenplay with an emphasis on the surreal - all wrapped into a package that will keep an audience entertained with an artistic focus that brings a fresh innovative style to the film experience."

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Oliver (14 years ago) Reply

Cool, Parker Lewis.


Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

huh? Dude this looks awesome, but I don't see any Parker Lewis!


snoopy (14 years ago) Reply

I can't wait to see the trailer!


Oliver (14 years ago) Reply

Corin Nemic, earlier played in the series called Parker Lewis.
But, who cares... this film looks awesome!

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