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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.28.08] movie news scifi

Based on what I've read about this low budget Czech short (if you call 76 minutes short that is), the fresh out of film school director Petr Smelik is pretty keen to change the world. Just read what I pulled off of the film's website: "The Resolution is not just a movie. It’s a new progressive organization which will operate as a film company. The movie will serve as a springboard for new ideas, our skills, possibilities and the new film taste we’re trying to create." Wow hey? Needless to say I contacted the director to find out more about the film that's been called a Czech Nightwatch, his manifesto, and of course to see if I could get my hands on a screener. Synopsis, stills and trailer after the jump.

Budget constraints notwithstanding, Smelik seems to have a keen eye and a couple of the shots in the trailer betray a budding talent. And as you know, if there is one thing we here at QE love to do is alert the world to fresh talent looking to turn the medium on its head. My only complaint is that the group have made the film in English in, what I can only assume to be, an attempt to reach a broader audience. It should probably have just been subbed.

Story: “Imagine a world dominated by vast secret societies. Originally formed to protect the people, over the years they have become dysfunctional and corrupt. The Resolution Company, one of the largest and most ambitious of these organizations, has started taking over their rivals, growing in dominance and power.

Edward Harrows is the head of the Resolution Company. He is merciless in his thirst for absolute control. More and more, the entire world has become reliant on his power, power which is growing by the day and hour. One of Edward’s oldest and most trusted secret agents has become a pawn in this insidious quest for world domination. Now this agent must choose between his loyalty to the Company and his very life itself.
One of the rival societies, the Royal Corporation, still stands by the principles upon which it was founded: the welfare and protection of the people. Its leader, James Blanc, with the assistance of his employees, does everything he can to do stop the Resolution Company. However, the Resolution Company is larger and Edward Harrows will not hesitate to use any means at his disposal: friendship, treachery or even death, to achieve his evil ends. He is a vicious adversary with many twisted and unexpected tricks up his sleeve.”

The Resolution is set to premiere sometime in 2008.

Trailer and more info on the film's official website

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mikethecat (13 years ago) Reply

The link keeps telling me that server cannot be found (using firefox). I found the site though using a search engine, and I agree it would probably have been a little cooler dubbed.


quietearth (13 years ago) Reply

sorry about that, its fixed!

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