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Well folks, the lineup at the Boston Underground Film Festival just got announced, and in addition to Quality Time and our friend Martin Gauvreau's short Poland Nights, we have lots of films to showcase, so let's get started. Altamont Now seems to be based off Gimme Shelter, the Rolling Stones documentary that focused on a tragic concert at Altamont where at least one was killed. It's about legendary fictional indie rocker Richard Havoc who puts out "The Call" to America's youth from deep inside an abandoned nuclear missile silo. With the synopsis following, can't seem to wrap my head around this one, is it post-apocalyptic or what? Oddly enough it's also labelled as a comedy, and until we see a trailer, I can't really say much more.

"On the 30th anniversary of The Rolling Stones disastrous concert at Altamont, a mysteriously square journalist infiltrates a cult of indie rock revolutionaries living inside an abandoned nuclear missile silo. By bearing witness to the groups darkly comic White Panther posturing, he unwittingly creates an apocalyptic GIMME SHELTER for the 21st century.

ALTAMONT NOW is a slice of Rock and Roll End Times, a darkly comic meditation on what can happen when American youth borrow old codes of rebellion from the 1960s to achieve their threat. Taking its structure from the Maysles doc GIMME SHELTER, ALTAMONT NOW presents a unique re-visioning of 1960s cinematic counterculture: Black Panther-style revolution talk; rock and roll teen-sploitation movies; and cinema verité documentary to portray a rebellious group of Todays Youth who have nothing left of their own with which to rebel.

ALTAMONT NOW presents a challenge to previous notions of underground film. It is so underground that it was shot underground -- literally -- inside an actual nuclear missile silo, in upstate New York near the Canadian border. Armed only with a camera and some cold medicine, our cast and crew spent almost two weeks living multiple stories underground, working inside an eerie remnant of the Cold War.

This layer of realism added a uniquely surreal flavor to the film. ALTAMONT NOW blends music, style, and storytelling to create an offbeat and unique pop culture experience reminiscent of midnight movie classics like REPO MAN and LIQUID SKY. The combination of cinematic genres makes it a film difficult to classify, but impossible not to love."

Altamont Now official website

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