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quietearth [Celluloid 03.09.08] post apocalyptic movie news action

Another great find from PAUK, and sounding quite similar to the in-the-works Luna. Actually it sounds like a cross between Waterworld and the PA comic we recently reviewed, Afterburn. The global ice caps melt and flood the world, leaving only 10% of land mass with overcrowded and not enough food to go around. Some rich folks live on artificial islands or secluded mountaintop communities searching for lost treasure. Sounds like some potential, hopefully they give us plenty of over-crowded city scenes. Currently in pre-production, its skedded for Sept. 2008 for delivery on the sci-fi channel and a few European broadcasters with a budget of $6.4M. Full synopsis after the break.

"After a series of cataclysmic natural disasters, came 'The Rising' – a rapid melting of the polar ice caps that flooded the continents within three years. Billions died, all major coastal cities were lost, and the rest of mankind fled to the paltry 10 per cent that were left of earth’s landmass. With not enough food, not enough space, and not enough hope, the new mega cities are overcrowded cages for the poor and helpless.

Those who managed to save their fortunes from The Rising, or even profited from it, live in secluded communities on the mountain tops, or on artificial islands.

But there is a third group, the last link between a past lost to oceans and an uncertain future: the Lost City Raiders. Equipped with high tech submarines, they roam the high seas, forever looking for relics and treasures that they can salvage from the dark depths.

Among those fortune hunters are Thomas Keller and Jack Halsey who get the order from the Vatican to find the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, but their competition is fierce - and evil…."

via PAUK

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