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quietearth [Celluloid 03.11.08] news documentary

I've been looking forward to this one, in particular because it will hopefully give us some inside look at the Japanese mafia, "Yakuza". In it, a young troublemaker gets helped out by his mothers friend who is part of this secret society and will have to choose between the ranks of the gangland or rejoining the world. I've tried getting a screener of this, but at this point they are unfortunately not sending them out. Instead, it's going for a limited theatrical run starting in Chicago at Facets Cinematheque from March 14th through the 20th, then in LA on April 4th at the ImaginAsian Center, and then New York at the ImaginAsian theater. It might get a further limited release and hopefully it will come out my way (Denver). Check the trailerage after the break!

"Cannes Film Festival Official Selection. Enter the secret world of the Yakuza. Young Naoki Watanabe gets caught up in the wave of juvenile delinquency. He’s a failure at school, work and in his personal life. His mother, driven by shame and despair, is reunited with an old friend, Mr. Imai, who offers to introduce her son into the ranks of the Yakuza.

His boss Kumagai, confronted by new trends facing Japan, feels that the Yakuza is being edged out of modern society. He takes Naoki under his wing and take him around the city of Shinagawa to show him the realities of the modern Yakuza. Divided by loyalties to his mother and to his new “family,” Naoki will have to choose between the light and the dark."

Young Yakuza trailer with English subs

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