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quietearth [Celluloid 03.16.08] news scifi webseries

As it turns out, Martin Gauvreau's short film Poland Nights has presented such difficulties due to the amount of footage he shot that he's decided that, in addition to the short, he'll be doing a 6 webisode series called Chemical Dots. I wonder if those are the same kind of dots as Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds? The story is about a tv news crew with a reporter (Agnieszka Pekala) who's just escaped from a mental asylum in a little village where a meteorite has just hit. Now I had originally called this a "deconstructed storyline with mutants and alternate realities" and I don't think with Martin's insane writing this has really changed.. and it has footage from shooting in London, Poland, and Spain. The intro is up on the website so you can get a taste for how whacky it is, and the first webisode will drop this coming Friday, and each Friday thereafter! So check it out, link after the break!

Chemical Dots webisode site

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