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quietearth [Celluloid 03.22.08] movie news documentary

A real life look (and I would say rare but it's getting to be more common these days) inside the cockney gangster lifestyle in London's East End courtesy of twins Nicola and Teena Collins (who also do acting and modeling). Their father, Les Falco, is one of the key figures in this documentary. It's all in black and white and the trailer is after the break along with a more descriptive synopsis. Don't worry, theres subtitles, hah!

"Stylishly shot in glorious black and white, filled with pounding music and loaded with incomprehensibly violent yarns, The End is certain to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It is amazing to note that this documentary was made by two model-actresses -- twins Nicola and Teena Collins -- whose father, Les Falco, is the central thug in the movie. Together the pair was granted unprecedented access into the lives of a close-knit gang of sociopathic hoodlums so amoral that they make the Sopranos seem like naughty schoolboys. Their turf, the East End of London, is a place of legend. A depressed neighborhood since it was destroyed in WWII, this is a place where young men could only escape by using their fists and their wits, or by joining the clergy. All of these men, many now retired to the posh suburbs, still honor a strict moral code: ratting on a friend or roughing up a bird is absolutely forbidden -- after all, even the most cold-hearted people have standards. -- Jennifer Steinberg"

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Tony (12 years ago) Reply

Great Film 10/10

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