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quietearth [Celluloid 03.27.08] movie news drama

Wow, an insanely wonderful story concept mixed with some great photography. Let me explain.. It's inspired by Hurricane Katrina and about a storm that hits, almost killing a man in the watery depths but unfortunately it gets his wife. She is planted like corn in a row in this watery grave but as he lives, he is determined that he can save her. So he starts building a boat out of scraps, and soon the whole town joins in.. Check out the footage and full synopsis following.

"It's 2008, a storm has hit, suddenly you see our hero Jake and his lover Tess sinking through the ocean into the clutches of Hell -- not a fiery inferno, but an expanse of condemned souls planted liek cornstalks at the bottom of the ocean. As Tess sinks into the sand, Jake is suddenly released back up toward the surface and life. He emerges from the water, hafl alive, and finds himself in a mangled, dystopic landscape.

Determined to defy his lover's death, he begins constructing a raft otu of the rubble of the city so he can sail to the middle of the ocean and dive down to rescue Tess from the clutches of the underworld. But as he builds, the surviving devastated townspeople emerge. Defying a clergy that declares Jake a pariah and his mission an affront to God's will, they decide to join him in his epic task, clinging to a hope that they too can rescue their loved ones, a mission seemingly doomed to failure.

Jake's raft slowly transforms from a mere collection of sticks into a sprawlign shrine of memorials and sentiments dedicated to the victims lost beneath the water. The raft is built upon a base of a boat with a burnt out limp implanted on top of it. Attached behind the limo is another raft covered in a plethora of bizarre nostalgic items including a 19th century organ. Towing behind these rafts are a bathtub and bed. Driven by longing, desire, and their refusal to accept the idea that their loved ones were meant to die, they set sail on the raft to stage a veritable prison break from death itself."

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