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Inju is from director Barbet Schroeder who incidentally, also does a heavy amount of work as an actor. Set to drop in France on September 24th, the story "centers on Alex Fayard, a novelist who comes to Japan to promote his new book. During his stay, he falls passionately in love with a geisha, who tells him she has received death threats from her lover. In accepting to help her, he finds himself face to face with Shundei Oe, a director of thrillers of which Alex is an expert in France. This encounter plunges him into a world of mystery and perversity, following the traces of a man hungry for revenge." While that may not be very thorough, we have a link for the website with teaser after the break and the whole film is looking very tantalizing, it might even have some samurai action!

Inju official website with teaser trailer

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