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quietearth [Celluloid 03.31.08] post apocalyptic zombies movie news

Director Jose C. Gomez sent this over to us and with the little we have had to go on I'm glad we finally get to see some more about the film. It's still in post-production and as it progresses, I get even more excited about this, check out this quote. "First rule, never be far from your car." "We should have made that rule 5 minutes ago!" Haha, nice. Check after the break for the new trailer along with synopsis and further links.

"The dead feast on human flesh and stop at nothing for it. The living, confined to the dark corners of the world, must do what it takes to survive. Dying is the only thing left to do at the end of the world. Now Ed, Matt, Joe, and Natalie will try to survive. Who lives depends on who kills first."

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BLED WHITE (12 years ago) Reply

You're invited to the "BLED WHITE" Movie Party August 9th! Please visit our website for the details!!



rcdude (11 years ago) Reply

Ha. I was in this movie! Awsome !_! I'm the blond haired zombie kid ;) Wont make any sence until you see it. Jose and Kelly have told me they are shooting for next month to release the movie. Though I don't really know for sure.

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