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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.03.08] movie news thriller

So my Canadian comrades over at Twitch managed to wet our appetites for this tasty bit of Spanish thrillage yesterday by offering up a the film's first teaser. But, after doing a little digging of our own we've managed to unearth a full course meal of a trailer that'll have you utterly baffled and reaching for the gravol by the end of its jittery three and a half minutes.

But even more than the trailer, which looks intriguing and is certainly brimming with loads of sleazy looking characters, it was the film's plot which peaked my interest. Doesn't it sounds like it was plucked from the pages of an unreleased Philip K. Dick novel? Very much looking forward to an English subbed trailer for this one.

Synopsis: "Madrid. Year 2007. Diego Durand, a biochemist, married with a son, lives a happy and ordinary life. One night he sees on a TV show something that will change his life. Since that moment, he realizes that nothing around him is really what he thought: neither his parents, not his wife, or… Even himself. And, so, a frantic spiral of unexpected and amazing happenings burst in his quiet life. Diego feels and imperious necessity of coming out of that mess he is in, he wants to know what the hell is happening. Or…Maybe not to know is better?"

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