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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.03.08] movie trailer news book comic

Well, 'ol Red is back and he's bigger than ever in this amazing new FX laden trailer for Hellboy II: The Golden Army. After watching this a couple of times I gotta say Del Toro is on top of his game in the creature department. If you're like me and think Hellboy was one of the more interesting comic book adaptations to hit theaters in the last few years, then you are going to flip when you see this. Trailer after the break.

Watch the new Trailer

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quietearth (13 years ago) Reply

As much as I disliked the storyline in the first one, the fx were great and this looks incredible.


on the sound (13 years ago) Reply

That made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.


djablo (13 years ago) Reply

totally fracking amazíng …

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