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Hal MacDermot [Celluloid 04.08.08] movie news thriller

Good news for those of us who see altered states in everyday life. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the talented Darren Aronofsky and AMC are developing a new TV series called "Riverside Towers." It's a psychological thriller based on a family who move "into an apartment building with paranormal activity." With his earlier work of Requiem and The Fountain in mind, I reckon we're in for a treat. Be interesting to see his almost experimental work in a TV format. I always like the way he mixes up ideas with light and great narrative. I also seem to remember some of his best work is shot in and around apartments, so hopefully that's a good sign. The writer is John McLaughlin, who is also working with Aronofsky on the movie "Black Swan," a ballet based thriller in active development.

via Hollywood Reporter

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