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quietearth [Celluloid 04.09.08] movie news scifi drama

No, this isn't Splice, but it does involve a bit of drama with it's genetic manipulation. Writer/Director Benedek Fliegauf won the Golden Leopard for his experimental pic "Milky Way" in Locarno last year, and although one of the comments on IMDB calls it a "screen-saver", that still won't deter me. WOMB is in development and tells a story of a woman trying to overcome death because of her lost love. "The sudden, tragic death of her lover throws Rebecca's life completely off track. A normal existence is unthinkable without the love of her life. But Rebecca doesn't give up. Then modern medicine ultimately discloses a dangerous way for her to fulfill her dream. Rebecca decides to pursue this path - without being able to predict the consequences." Sounds good. More as we get it.

via Variety

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