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Ghost House Pictures, the production company behind such hits as The Grudge, has spun off a home entertainment division called Ghost House Underground which will be putting out 12-20 films on DVD a year, and from the looks of it, mostly foreign horror which normally wouldn't get much attention. One of their major titles is Finnish rock group Lordi's film Dark Floors which I've been greatly looking forward to seeing. Other films slated for release are "Room 205," director Ole Bornedal's "The Substitute," director Igor Shavlak's "Trackman," writer-director Gabriele Albanesi's "Last House in the Woods" and writer-directors Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer's "Brotherhood of Blood." Ghost House will be releasing the films mostly via Lionsgate. Trailers for many of these after the break!

Dark Floors

Room #205

Vikaren (The Substitute)


Last House in the Woods

Our post on the vampire film Brotherhood of Blood with trailer

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