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quietearth [Celluloid 04.13.08] movie news thriller noir 3d

The Dark Country is supposed to be a film noir thriller using cutting edge 3-D technology via Sony's Stage 6 films which does smaller budget releases and direct to DVD stuff. It's being directed by Thomas Jane of The Mist fame who also stars in it along with Ron Perlman and is about "a couple en route from Las Vegas are forced to deal with a body out in the desert making their honeymoon one hellish ride." Director of Photography Geoff Boyle is looking to take film noir to the next level via new 3-D technology and director Thomas Jane had this to say: "Dark Country is a film that I wanted to express in a manner that remains true to the stylistic choices of film noir, while delivering an immersive reality and visceral experience that only the next generation of 3D cinematography could provide. Every medium brings a life of it's own to the story-telling process, and with Dark Country, I wanted audiences to be there, to be in the car with the characters, and make the story their own with a heightened sense of physical contact never experienced before. The mobility and physical expression we were able to achieve with the Silicon Imaging camera rigs truly transformed my personal vision into a living and breathing visual reality." I for one am a big film noir fan and am greatly looking forward to what they've got in store for us.

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