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Christopher Webster [DVD News 04.14.08] news dvd

Only a couple of DVD releases worth mentioning this week but the good news is that one of them just happens to be Koldo Serra's Spanish triller The Backwoods, starring Gary Oldman, which is a film we've been eagerly awaiting for about 2 years now. Next, we have Kiyoshi Kurosawa's award winning J-horror film Retribution. Then of course there's Alexandre Bustillo's gut churning gore fest Inside which is getting a release from Dimension's new Extreme series. And last but not least there's that AVP:R movie that I can barely mention without gagging. Seriously this second installment in the already ill advised Alien/Predator spin off series makes the first one look like a work of staggering genius. As a fan of both franchises I'd like to take this opportunity to plead to 20th Century Fox to stop making these abominations. Thank you. Trailers and links for each film after the break.

The Backwoods
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Summer 1978: two couples decide to spend the summer in a remote vacation house in the north of Spain. Hidden away in the middle of a forest, and very much off the beaten track, the house seems ideal for some peaceful holidays. While out hunting, the two men come across an abandoned house and discover a deformed, animalistic girl chained inside. They bring her back to the house, intending to take her to the authorities. Tension with the rural locals heightens when they come looking for the girl armed with shotguns...

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From acclaimed director Kiyoshi Kurosawa (PULSE and CURE), RETRIBUTION was a film festival favorite, named the "Official Selection" of the New York Asian Film Festival, FantAsia Film Festival and the Fantastic Fest. Detective Yoshioka is investigating the drowning death of a young woman in a red dress. Lying face down in a muddy puddle, her stomach is found to be full of sea water. As the investigation progresses, clues begin to appear that point to him being the murderer - as his fingerprints are found on the body and some of his personal items are found at the murder scene. As more bodies turn up, killed in the same way, even the detective begins to wonder whether he may be the very murderer that he is pursuing.

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The movie tells the story about a pregnant woman who loses her boyfriend in a car accident. While at home at Christmas one night, a mysterious woman breaks into her home and has murderous intentions for the woman and her baby.

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Set in the 21st century (which predates the story to all of the Alien features), Requiem sends a crippled Predator ship crashing to Earth in a small Colorado town; unbeknownst to the locals, the craft is loaded with H.R. Giger's insectoid monsters, which make quick work of most of the population. As the human cast is slowly whittled to a few hardy (if unmemorable) souls, a Predator warrior also arrives to complicate matters and do battle with the Aliens, as well as a ferocious alien-Predator hybrid (dubbed a Predalien by the sci-fi and horror press).

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