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quietearth [DVD News 04.15.08] zombies news dvd horror

While this may be known as the remake "Quarantine" to some of you, I guarantee whatever Screen Gems has in store for us won't hold a candle to the original, [Rec] which is out of Spain. If you've missed the synopsis, here it is: "Reporter Angela (Manuela Velasco) and her trusty cameraman Pablo are following a local fire crew for a segment of their reality television series "When You're Asleep" when the firefighters receive a distress call from a nearby apartment building. An elderly woman has become locked in her apartment; a routine call by any account. The police are already on the scene, so now it's up to firemen Manu (Ferran Terraza) and Alex (David Vert) to break down the door and ensure that no harm has come to her. Upon arriving at the building, everything appears normal. But the calm atmosphere at the moment betrays the horrors that begin to unfold after the firemen break down the tenant's door and experience something that no one would believe had it not been captured on camera. The building is then surrounded and quarantined." It'll be releasing on DVD in Spain on May 28th, with a 1 disc, 2 disc collector set, or on blu-ray set. Sorry, no purchase link yet.

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