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quietearth [Celluloid 04.18.08] movie news comedy kungfu

A kung fu comedy from 1985 about vampires is slated to get new life. Here's what the poster reads: "Mr. Vampire was an successful movie that blended with comedy, martial arts, and Chinese superstition about vampires. It was the icon in the vampire genre and won a huge success in every Chinese market as well as Japan which is always a conservative territory for all the foreign films. In 2007, global warming is bringing changes to the sleeping vampire. A new Mr. Vampire is awakening soon.." Yeah it says 2007, but it looks like it's going forward but we have no other news right now. Check out the trailer for the original after the break.

via KFCCinema

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Mike White (14 years ago) Reply

Mr. Vampire without Lam Ching Ying? Um... no thanks.

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