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quietearth [Celluloid 04.19.08] movie news kungfu

Keanu Reeves was in Seoul recently to promote his film Street Kings, and apparently got very excited when he heard mention of the name Yuen Wo Ping. Ping is the martial arts/action choreographer on many films, all the way from Matrix, to Kung Fu Hustle, up to The Forbidden Kingdom and will be directing a couple of upcoming films for release next year. Now this part is a bit unclear, but someone is working on a script where Keanu would play the villian and Tiger Chen Hu would play a Tai Chi master. It would be shot on location in China with Ping as the martial arts director and Tiger having his directorial debut. Bring it on!

via Wu-Jing

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Marina (12 years ago) Reply

I hope so!

Keanu + martial arts = very happy Marina!

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