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quietearth [Celluloid 04.21.08] news short steampunk

After watching Tom's visually luscious steampunk infused short Droomtijd (Dreamtime), I had to know what he was working on next. Unfortunately, it isn't a feature, but you better believe he'll be getting there soon. Instead, he's doing another short called DEATH OF A SHADOW, and while he won't give up much, he will say that the main subjects are "death, love, and second chances". You can see some of the concept art (from Kris Verwimp) to the right, and it certainly looks Victorian-era inspired, and after the break is another piece of concept art, both looking quite beautiful. Based on this, I'm wondering if he's going to be going for some brilliant colors because it doesn't really look like the german expressionism tint he had in Droomtijd. So check after the break for concept art and our review of his last short!

Our review of Droomtijd (Dreamtime) with trailer

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