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quietearth [Celluloid 04.24.08] movie news scifi fantasy

If you read our post "5 great science fiction films you might not know about" a week or so ago, you would have seen that Richard Elfman's 1970 cult smash hit Forbidden Zone was on the list, in fact, it's in my top 20 favorite films. A musical and a work of sheer genius, brother Danny Elfman did all things sound
(yeah that Danny Elfman). It featured a weird cast starting with the midget from Fantasy Island (Hervé Villechaize), cardboard cutout sets, animation, and all sorts of other insanity. But the question is, where is Richard Elfman's new film, Brave New Rosenburg (formerly The Sixth Element)? This is supposedly a "sequel of some sorts" to Forbidden Zone, but I can't find hide nor hair about it, and any of the emails associated with the project bounce. Here's a logline for the film: "Madcap musical fantasy about two bumbling detectives that chase a girl into the next dimension and save us from a 'Brave New World' oblivion." I know, it sounds great, but when are we going to get to see it? If anyone has any further info, PLEASE let us know, and check after the break for trailers and clips from the FORBIDDEN ZONE!


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