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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.29.08] movie trailer news comedy

A British production that looks to feature all the wit and understated charm we've come to expect from our English comedies, Bigga than Ben follows the story of two self-confessed 'pieces of Moscow scum' who emigrate to London from Russia with nothing except their belief that “Food can be stolen, and sleeping is possible under a bridge.” Presented in a sort of faux documentary style, the story of how these two hoods go about "ripping off London," looks to also be a comment on the British social system. Full synopsis and trailer after the break.

"Bigga Than Ben is a crime-fuelled tale of two likeable but wayward Russian "pieces of Moscow scum" who arrive in London intent on bettering themselves and amassing an easy fortune. But it's not long before Spiker (Andrei Chadov) and Cobakka (Ben Barnes) realise that, legally, they aren't going to get very far. So, aided by the dodgy Artash (Ovidiu Matesan) and sidekick Spartak (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin), they learn to shoplift from supermarkets, rip off banks, joyride on the tube and turn mobile phones into crack. . Finding themselves drawn into a shadowy underworld of backstreet drug deals, chav nightclubs, refugees and nymphomaniacs, life begins to turn sour. The highs begin to fade. Spiker badly misses his girlfriend back in Moscow, and seeks consolation in drugs. When he slips into serious addiction and Artash double-crosses them, Cobakka finds himself forced into making some life-changing decisions"

For more on Bigga than Ben including a hilarious journal of the boy's travels head over the the film's official website

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