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quietearth [Celluloid 04.30.08] movie news horror

I have no idea exactly what this is about, even after reading the synopsis but it's beautifully shot and it looks to be some type of horror thriller. A woman buys a book in a Japenese shop and this is somehow linked to a mythological 16th century women. Then there's lots of underground shots with mad hatter types and such and we end up with, well.. heck I don't know. It's in post-production and scheduled for release in May, woohoo! Let's hope it's swinging our way soon. Synopsis and trailer after the break.

"The atmosphere around Love is always rough. The name of the main heroine is also Lubov’ (Love in Russian). This movie is a labyrinth of her inner search. What is she looking for? She is trying to find an exit from the “underground”, which she imprisoned herself into, while working on a book. But it turns out that this book has already been written by some mythological Japanese writer: a woman, who lived in the 16th century... Lubov’ bought the book incidentally at an antiques bookshop, when she lived in Japan with her husband and their daughter. This book is about a boundless and interminable Valley. People come to the Valley in search of love. Being helplessly tied to Nothing, they plunge onto the bottom of this Valley, wishing to shake different burdens off their souls, and in the long run they realize, that Love means not only passion and tenderness, but fear and pain as well. Perhaps, the things are not always like that... But all the characters of the movie are doomed to suffer a burning flame of pain.

This is the law of ascension to a different kind of Love, which tears the heart day and night, breaking it to pieces, and raises the soul to a higher spiritual level. Who is the man, who Lubov’ is going to love? Does he even exist in this world?"

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