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quietearth [Film Festival 05.01.08] news short horror

The SCIFI London film fest started tonight and our writer Fergus was in attendance to much ballyhoo, like the new Joker defaced Batman trailer, some giveaways, the screening of the opening film Dante 01 which we'll have a review up for later this week, and one thing he said we should check out. That's a horror short called EEL GIRL which sounds great and looks incredible, and that's just from some stills as there doesn't seem to be a trailer for the 5 minute short. Eel Girl is about a half eel/half girl creature a scientist is studying in a military facility. The full story (spoiler) and pics after the break.

"Deep in a secret navy research facility, a armed security officer enters a secure observation room, filled with electronic monitoring equipment and shelves full of dissected fish specimens. The officer requests one of the scientists accompany her immediately. He protests, quoting navy protocols that require two people to remain in the room at all times, but the threat of being shot forces the issue. The remaining scientist watches them leave the facility on a security monitor. Satisfied he’s on his own, he quickly begins to activate override commands on the computer. A warning begins to sound, and the scientist steps back and stands in front of a large observation window, which looks through into a dark tiled and dirty room, in the center of which stands a large bath, filled with black vicious liquid. Opposite the window is a large secure door, above which warning lights flash green, then red. The scientist becomes more agitated, breathing heavily, as he sees the door open, and a webbed hand curls around the door frame. Out of the darkness appears the eel girl, naked, her skin pale, gills visible in her cheeks, small fins on her forearms. Slowly she steps into the room, walks around the bath. The scientist watches voyeuristically as she slides into the viscous black liquid. In the observation room the computer begins to flash warnings.

Distracted by the computer, the scientist doesn’t notice the eel girl climb slowly out of the bath. She steps up to the window, hands against the glass and looks through. The scientist sees her, moves to the window, places his hands against hers through the glass. She stares back, mouth opening and closing slowly, revealing rows of sharp teeth. She signals with her eyes, and the scientist moves to the security door that connects his room to hers. He activates the security code and opens the door. Inside she is waiting for him. He walks into the room and embraces her. She reaches up, gently holds the back of his head with one hand. And suddenly her jaw extends and she pulls his head into her mouth, then lifts him into the air and swallows him whole, vomiting up his shredded clothes.

She climbs back into the bath and lays there, caressing her now grossly distended belly, and the scientist moving inside, still alive."

Eel Girl official site

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agentorange (14 years ago) Reply

Sweet zombie Jesus this looks creepy. Gives new meaning to the famous Hall and Oats song no?


fergus (14 years ago) Reply

One thing missing from the description is that believe it or not the film is somehow very sensuous and oozes sexuality. That's why the finale works so well.

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