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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.07.08] movie news horror

New footage for Tokyo Gore Police! Oh wait, I already said that. But did I mention it pushes the limits of good taste even further than the first? Bad news is, however, that we might have to wait a little while to see the whole thing as there's actually no DVD release set yet but for those of you lucky enough to be near Hamburg you can catch the premier at the upcoming Japanese filmfest there. Here's a little synopsis love: "The plot of TOKYO GORE POLICE revolves around Ruka, a police officer in a special squad formed to eradicate human mutations that have recently sprung into existence, the result of a virus created by a mad scientist simply known as Key Man. Killing these unwieldy mutants is no easy task, and Ruka, naturally enough, carries a samurai sword with her at all times. Despite being on opposite sides of the fence, Ruka and Key Man share a common bond: the murder of their fathers years earlier at the hands of the police, and both she and Key Man seek revenge for their dads’ untimely demise." Footage after the break, be prepared to get drenched in blood!

via Gomorrahy

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Cyberhal (11 years ago) Reply

My kind of cop.

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