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quietearth [Celluloid 05.08.08] zombies movie news horror

I ran across two new zombie flicks in development today, so I thought I'd lump them into one piece considering neither has any type of artwork or footage. The first is Black Jack which comes out of Belgium. Slated to shoot this June, the story revolves around The Battle of the Bulge. There's some strange experiments going on in the forest in a German bunker and a black lieutenant has parachuted in an attempt to destroy the bunker, but he's far from his unit. The German soldiers which have been experimented on are rabid, so he teams up with a nazi deserter and a nurse to compelte his mission. What with the Outpost and Stone's War we sure are getting alot of nazi zombie action lately! Let's hope Worst Case Scenario get's moving soon. Next we have Joshua Breed (aka Zombie Island) which takes reality TV to the next level. 7 players have 70 minutes to survive the most lethal Zombies ever created in the deadliest game show imaginable. I hate reality tv, but put in zombies ripping off limbs and pulling out entrails and I'll watch it. No word on a start date but this is being produced in the UK by the same company which will be bringing us Flick and is directed by Phil Claydon.

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Cyberhal (14 years ago) Reply

I like the idea of a zombie reality TV show. It reminds me of a movie from I think 2001, a reality game where you had to kill the other contestants to win, I forget the name. Most of those TV shows are full of zombies anyway.

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