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quietearth [Celluloid 05.19.08] movie news

This is a new column we will be running (as needed) when we have a bunch of little tidbits that can be lumped together in one post, hence the the multiple personality disorder. Let's get right into it. Naoto Takenaka is working on Yamagata Scream for release in summer 2009 which is a "J-horror-samurai-zombie-comedy pitting schoolgirls against warriors". A report of the film Blacksad which is a "$95 million-plus live action animal/reptile gangster movie" is being considering for lensing in Australia, no director is mentioned. Xavier Gens is set to do Vanikoro a period epic in the 18th century about a French ship crew which lands on an island filled with cannibals. Viggo Mortensen is rumored to be starring. The Weinstein Co is backing the $60 million adaptation of Paul Coelho's The Alchemist with Laurence Fishburne directing and starring. The story is about a Spanish boy who heads off in search of his dream, treasure in the Egyptian pyramids. Along the way he meets many characters including an alchemist who he tutors under. Lastly, we have some incredibly great news as I do love overpopulation films. Ari Folman, who did the animated documentary Waltz with Bashir (which has great buzz at Cannes and looks quite stunning) has announced his next will be The Futurological Congress which was written by Stanislaw Lem in 1971. The story follows a man at a conference on global overpopulation who's besieged by government and rebel forces. It will be animated by the same group he formed to do Waltz with and they will start by making it in English. YES!

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