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quietearth [Celluloid 05.22.08] movie news drama

We posted our review of M.A. Littler's The Road to Nod yesterday which is a film I absolutely loved, and today he passed along details of his next film. Described as a "hillbilly existentialist musical road movie", it's filled with folk blues music and looks more like a documentary then it does a piece of fiction. "Troubled by religious demons, anger, doubt and the need to supply for his unborn child folk blues singer Jon embarks on a gruesome month long tour through Texas and Louisiana. Armed with nothing but a fiddle, a banjo and a beaten up suitcase, Jon hits the road. Throughout his journey he crosses paths with musical peers, Honky Tonk propietors, country folk & religious mavericks. The road leads him from small town bars and Honky Tonks to a dismal New Orleans motel room where it comes to a final clash between Jon and his demons." Like his first feature, The Folk Singer is beautifully lensed and sounds incredible, so I highly recommend checking out ther trailer after the break. The Folk Singer will be running the festival circuit starting in July and we'll be bringing you a review in a couple of months.

The Folk Singer official website

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