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If the name Charlotte Gainsbourg doesn't immediately mean anything to you then I can only assume you've never become completely addicted to French-pop from the 1960s. See, Charlotte is the end result of a notorious Gallic love story between France's greatest musical treasure, the lascivious chain-smoking mod Serge Gainsbourg, and British actress and sometimes singer Jane Birkin (who you may remember as giggling girl #2 in Michelangelo Antonioni's Blowup). She's bee in loads of great French films including Lemming and My Wife is an Actress as well as a few choice American indie flicks like The Science of Sleep and 21 Grams. She's even got a new album out which was arranged by french soft-poppers Air. So for me, the fact that she's joined T4 is completely insane. Either McG is less of a moron than people think, or he's hired himself one hell of a casting director. Christian Bale and Charlotte Gainsbourg in T4... Christian Bale and Charlotte Gainsbourg in T4... nope, still can't believe it. Oh yeah, and we've got plot details a few posts down which have leaked but who cares... Charlotte Gainsbourg's in T4! Check out Charlotte's latest video and links to more after the break.

Charlotte Gainsbourg: "The Operation"

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Cyberhal (12 years ago) Reply

that's insane. Amazing. Bale and Gainsbourg, wow. I agree, very impressive choices.

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