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quietearth [Celluloid 05.29.08] movie news drama

I'm a sucker for good indie throwbacks to the 70s, especially the likes with plenty of fighting and dirty hippie lice hair like The Good Humor Man which is why the trailer for The Education of Charlie Banks caught my eye. Oddly enough, the film is directed by Fred Durst, frontman for Limp Bizkit. I gotta tell you, I lived in NY way back and saw them open for another band before they were big: they got booed. They were terrible then and they're terrible now. Continuing on, it looks like Durst might have more talent in the direction department. "The Education of Charlie Banks is a coming of age tale that spans from the playgrounds of lower Manhattan to the idyllic greens of a fictional liberal arts college in upstate New York (originally conceived as Vassar College but renamed to avoid referential controversy). Set during the eighties, it is a story about change, inevitability, and ultimately, about facing one's fears. Charlie Banks premiered at the Tribeca film festival last year to a mixed reception, but don't let that deter you.. Check out the trailer after the break.

via Row Three

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