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quietearth [Celluloid 06.03.08] news short scifi drama

From the crew which did the splatterific low budget zombie flick The Veil (which we absolutely loved) comes one of their next, a short film called The Day I Tried to Live. Containing elements of scifi, drama, and horror, the film comes across more as an indie piece of work then anything, but the important part of the story is about human existence, alienation, happiness, sadness, longing, etc.. "A space pod crashes from the sky and a body washes up on a Spanish shore line, so begins a tale of one man’s journey of discovery. The sea is hostile, the place a paradise, the people are strange, and ice cream is something he’s never tasted before. Far from ordinary he experiences happiness, woes and alienation in his time here. Unfortunately he did not come alone; ghosts of past, fears haunt his every step. A tangible hope and search to find another of his kind turns to desperation as the fading sun quickly descends.As the sunsets the man had lived a lifetime in a day." Check out the trailer after the break.

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