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quietearth [Celluloid 06.05.08] movie news kungfu

Directed by Wilson Yip who is also the producer on Painted Skin and starring Donnie Yen, this film is about Yip Man who was Bruce Lee's teacher. Here's what the director said about the plot in a recent interview: "Yip Man came from an affluent family and was deeply engrossed in the studies and research of martial arts. At this time, his family undergoes severe changes, losing all its wealth. He has no choice but to take part in resistance activities, stirring up the folks to rise up against invasion. How would he and his friends and families go through trials in life, all these are in the movie." Yip Man has all sorts of controversy surrounding it now because originally Wong Kar-Wai was going to make this film and says he has all rights to the title. Anyways it goes on and on, but who cares about all that crap, I just want to see the film! Release is skedded for February 2009. Check after the break for a sweet still.

via Kaiju Shakedown

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