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quietearth [Celluloid 06.11.08] movie news horror

Unfortunately, that August 22nd date doesn't actually tell us whether it will be theatrical, DVD, tv, or what? Regardless, this is great news. Dan actually told me himself they were working on a distribution deal, and if you missed our review, both agentorange and I LOVE this film. It comes with the HIGHEST recommendation possible, it's just that brilliant, and oddly enough it's Dan's first film. Here's a breakdown: "A Seattle history professor, drawn back to his estranged family on the Oregon coast to execute his late mother's estate, is reacquainted with his best friend from childhood, with whom he has a long-awaited tryst. Caught in an accelerating series of events, he discovers aspects of his father's New Age cult which take on a dangerous and apocalyptic significance." We'll let you know more when we know. Trailer after the break.

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soma (13 years ago) Reply

WOO HOO. Finally. I can't wait.

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