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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.17.08] movie news scifi action

Wow, between Resurrection, El Eternauta, and now Gears of War, we've got some serious alien bloodbaths awaiting us in cinemas over the next couple of years. According to Variety, Len "Underworld" Wiseman has confirmed, after about a year of speculation, that he has officially been hired to helm New Line's adaptation of the Microsoft's mega selling VG about a world reeling from an invasion by aliens known as the Locust, and a small team of elite soldiers who fight to retake the planet and save its human inhabitants. Wiseman is said to be currently developing a new script with Chris Morgan (of Wanted fame) which could push a release date back to 2010. But, if the film looks as good, and is even half as intense, as the amazing first person shooter game, then I don't mind waiting for this one. But is Wiseman a wise choice? Curious to hear what you guys think on this one.

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