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quietearth [Celluloid 06.19.08] post apocalyptic movie news

To say the name of the game for Matt Davids' latest is redemption would be an understatement. It's about madness in a world which has been lost, seemingly without any explanation. The story takes place in the woodlands, and follows Ezra, a former (?) priest on his aimless walk, alternatively having words with God, and blasting some Mad Max rejects. Yeah, you can definitely feel the directors obsession with 80s post apocalyptica in this film, straight down to the tricked out buggy.

Ezra's wandering ceases when he meets the young girl Feather, unsurprised as he is by her just showing up and taking a seat next to him. A quest she pursues and invites Ezra, but he explains he is a monster, not a good man and hence, unworthy. She contests his self appraisal, but we now know Ezra's pain stems from somewhere deep, the dialog painfully painting this. Reluctantly, Ezra agrees due to her good will, playfulness, and insisting (or maybe nagging, haha, just kidding).

As the quest remains somewhat elusive, the intent of the film does not. While this won't spoil the ending, the lost soul seeking salvation has long been done in film, and that trend will certainly continue. What makes this different is the gentle, innocent nature in which the subject is approached. While there is brief flashes of violence, these are completely justified, and on that softer note, Ezra is very patience with Feather's endless questions.

Ezra was shot over weekends as many no-budget films do, and while the camera work is nothing special, it certainly doesn't hinder the film. But with one exception, the play scene which I found quite brilliant. Feather re-enacts a lengthy play about kings and queens and flying machines, all to heavy cut scenes as she plays all the different character roles. It was fast, quite enjoyable, and I would certainly like to see others employ this technique. Kudos to whomever thought this one up.

To end with, this is not only a kid safe film, it's one presented with a definite loving touch. If you're into post apocalyptica (like we are) or just want a positive film for once, you'll want to check out Ezra Crane.

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