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quietearth [Celluloid 06.20.08] movie news drama

Considering Bornedal's last 2 films were well received by the QE team, The Substitute (cyberhal will be putting up his review next week) and Just Another Love Story, I thought I'd check in on what was coming next, and while it doesn't sound at all like the genre fare we normally cater to, the director and the plot are good enough to warrant a post. Here's a plot outline: "In DELIVER US FROM EVIL, the happily married couple Johannes (Lasse Rimmer) and Pernille (Lene Nystrøm Rasted) and their two children return to Johannes’ home town in a province in Jutland. Johannes is a lawyer, Pernille a school teacher, and they return to the rural bliss to devote themselves entirely to the family and the calm and quiet life close to nature, outside the big city. Helping them renovate the newly bought house is Alain, a torture victim from the Balkans. He’s just now regaining his faith in life and is working to re-establish a proper existence. Johannes’ brother, Lars (Jens Andersen), is the complete opposite. He’s lived in the village all his life and now works as a truck driver – at least when he isn’t hanging out at the local pub, getting drunk or engaged in a brawl. He’s just made his girlfriend, Scarlett (Pernille Valentin), pregnant, which makes him realize that he wants another life – a better life. But fate has other plans for him. Far out on the main road, he accidentally runs over the elderly woman Anna with his truck. He manages to place fake evidence that points towards Alain… and then all Hell brakes loose, transforming the peaceful rural bliss into a war zone." As far as I can tell, the film is currently in production with no skedded release date.

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