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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.23.08] movie trailer news horror

Another Day Hell is another amazing example of a film that, despite it's budgetary constraints, manages to look as interesting as anything coming out of Hollywood's cookie cutter horror scene. Reminiscent of Shane Abbess' Gabriel, which was set in purgatory, Another Day in Hell is set in a radical re-interpretation of the traditional concept of Hell where a group of revolutionaries "kidnap" the soul of the angel of death in order for the inhabitants of Hell to die again and leave. Throughout the course of the day opposing forces struggle to contain or spread news of the uprising. I think you'll agree that the strange glossary of defined terms from the film, the trailer, and stills are intriguing.

**** Glossary of Terms ****

ADMISSION PROCEDURES - Processing entry facility. 19 basic torture levels containing 75 Death Boxes per hour. New candidates are tested for recruitment compatibility through seven methods of enforced death. Candidates are then destroyed or dispatched to either Death Houses, Shadow Houses, or Containment Camps within the First Ring.

CHARON PASSAGEWAY - see also; Charos passageway, Charontas Passageway. A shaft connecting all levels. Containment fluid type 7/428, (Styx), enables transportation of Admission Procedures dispatches.

CONTROL CENTRE - Monitoring facility located on levels 3, 6, & 9. Remote access harnesses maintained by Admission Procedures. Current personnel lieutenants; Lui Pengli - CC1, Béla Kun - CC2, Emil Kemper - CC3.

DEATH BOX - An Admission Procedures enforced death chamber where a subject’s crime can be multiplied and relived.

DEATH HOUSE - A torture chamber equipped for aural violence. A shape-shifting interconnecting structure revolving around a fixed
Throne Room. 5 known to exist. Maintained by Hellhunter Class A subjects. Gender specific.

HELLHUNTER - A torturer regressed to a child-like state of consciousness. At time of going to press:

Sara Maria Aldrete - DH1
Marti Enriqueta - DH2
Beth Bathory - DH3
Kate Bender - DH4
Locusta - DH5
Mutsuo Toi - MC1
Eddie Ray Killen - MC2
Joe Ball - MC3

MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN - To number, to number, to weigh , and to divide. A biblical prophecy concerning the fall of nations.

NUMBER CULT - An uprising instigated by person or persons gaining access to Institutional Codes. Any candidate free of their Processing Code develops a cataract. An unrestrained cataract breeds a mania within the candidate. The free mania cannot be harnessed with the reintroduction of a new Code.

PAIN INFLICTOR - Level Five ground troops.

POSSESION SQUAD - A Black Mass given flesh. Initially developed by Mary Glover. Maintained by Betty Paris. For authorization contact CC2/ subunit 10 -96751.249/3.

REMEMBERER - A black marketeer with the ability to transform inanimate objects within unspecified time strands resulting in
memory implementation.

SHADOW HOUSE - A house within a house. A non-temporal unit where information can be bought or sold. A laundering facility. All houses are raised from the original Shadow House One template. At least one Shadow House now exists within every major city on Earth.

THIRD SPHERE BATALLION - Special Forces. Once outlawed demonic unit who release under the command of all Lieutenants from the Second and First Spheres. Re-enlisted directly by the order of Sathanas prior to the Tellas uprising.


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Cyberhal (14 years ago) Reply

that is a great trailer. i like all that note stuff, really interesting

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