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Tidepoint pictures, which has brought us such films as Noriko's Dinner Table and Takashi Miike's Dead or Alive, has formed a new label dedicated to the unusual, bizarre, and the fantastic called BONE HOUSE ASIA. The first film released under this new label is Long Dream which we just reviewed, with such films as Osoi Hito (Late Bloomer) coming after a short theatrical release in New York. I've already got my copy and I have to say, this flick is awesome. Here's hoping we get to see a much larger intake of great Japanese film. Full press release after the break.

From the high-desert fortress of Santa Fe-based Tidepoint Pictures, distributor of Sion Sono’s NORIKO’S DINNER TABLE, and Takashi Miike’s DEAD OR ALIVE, comes a brand-new label of the unusual, the bizarre, and the fantastic: BONE HOUSE ASIA!

BONE HOUSE ASIA’s first serving is the surreal nightmare of Higuchinsky’s LONG DREAM (Nagai Yume), from the director of UZUMAKI (Spiral), and Junji Ito, the popular Japanese manga writer responsible for the TOMIE series and the remarkably twisted GYO. Junji Ito’s impact is felt industry-wide. Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy), skillful conjurer of dark fantasy and cinematic magic elates, “Master Junji Ito's images and ideas are enthralling and powerful in a way that only great art is. His unique view of the world infects our mind and devours our conscience. The darkness in him will blind you.”

Bone House Asia’s DVD release for LONG DREAM, available June 24, includes interviews with director Higuchinsky, manga creator Junji Ito, the film’s star, trailers, and English and Spanish subtitles.

Tidepoint Pictures has been instrumental in releasing the tops in Asian genre films with classic cult releases including Higuchinsky’s UZUMAKI, and Katsuhito Ishii’s SHARK SKIN MAN AND PEACH HIP GIRL. Tidepoint was also savvy enough to introduce Hideo Nakata to the US with their release of CHAOS, years before his RINGU hit American shores. Add Sion Sono’s NORIKO’S DINNER TABLE to the mix (from the director of SUICIDE CLUB and HAIR EXTENSIONS) and you’ve got a library of cult classics with just the first handful of releases.

Says Tetsuki Ijichi, President and CEO of Tidepoint Pictures, “There is much more to Asian cult cinema than what typically gets shown in the U.S. With Bone House Asia, we want to open up American audiences to the fresh voices of talented Asian filmmakers who will challenge your mind and disturb your sleep.”

BONE HOUSE ASIA also concentrates on theatrical releases so you can share bizarre fantasies with strangers in the dark… This summer be sure to check online or in your inbox for news on BONE HOUSE ASIA’s latest theatrical release, Go Shibata’s LATE BLOOMER (Osoi Hito), enjoying a New York run at the Pioneer Theater from July 25 to July 31. LATE BLOOMER turns the serial killer genre upside-down as the benign-looking Sumida-san, confined to a wheelchair but loving to ‘rock out,’ is an obsessive psychopath who erupts into lethal violence. For showtimes:

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