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quietearth [Celluloid 06.25.08] news short horror

Clocking in at a little over a minute is the tres stylish trailer for F. Calvelo's latest short, and along with some utterly stunning photography goes a great storyline. "Santiago de Compostela; holy city is a secret prison for vampires. There they suffer their penance seperated of their community, opressed and condemned not to leave the city. Gabriel, a vampire who apparently is not affected by this curse of Santiago, fullfills his long condemn in an irreverent manner, organising clandestine parties and torturing girls, obsessed with the search of the purity. Until he finds Eva..." One of Calvelo's previous works Chrysalis was released online in its entirety for free, let's hope he does that with this. On a side note, someone give this cat some dough for a feature! Trailer after the break.

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