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quietearth [Celluloid 06.30.08] movie news scifi

Something of an excitement lately, (and part of a hopefuly resurgence) is the trend towards kaiju films, that of big-ass crazy monsters from Japan. We already have Monster X Strikes Back coming soon (hopefully), but now comes exclusive word from SCIFI Japan of a new indie kaiju flick simply titled G. Kiyotaka Taguchi, a special FX 2D artist who has worked on every Godzilla film since 2001 including effects for many other films like American remakes The Grudge 2 and Shutter, has been working on G since 2000 while he was a student at the Nikkatsu Visual Arts Academy. Word is he finished last year, and while the whole thing was shot with regular handycam equipment, the videos show some incredible FX work. The whole film clocks in at 48 minutes, let's hope we get to see it soon. Full synopsis, trailer, and clip after the break. Special thanks to Avery for the heads up.

"While serving in an overseas war zone, a Japanese Self Defense Forces unit is ambushed in a guerilla attack. Only the soldiers Goda and Garaemon survive the assault. The two men vow that they will find a way to prevent more soldiers from dying needlessly on the battlefield.

Years later, Garaemon has developed a body reinforcing agent that may accomplish that goal. But when his lab is attacked by a group of industrial spies, Garaemon injects the experimental serum into his own body. Things go terribly wrong, and the scientist is transformed into a vicious giant monster.

Garaemon rampages through Tokyo. The JSDF attacks with guns and tanks but nothing they do even slows the monster down. To save Japan and his fellow soldiers, Goda decides to use the secret weapon he has invented…the special anti-monster armored vehicle called Robo.

Now, at the final defense line along the Tamagawa River, two man-made monsters will battle to the death…"

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