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Literary giant Ray Bradbury certainly needs no long winded introduction from us so suffice it to say that Chrysalis director Tony Baez Milan might just be the luckiest genre filmmaker around. To put it in perspective, having Bradbury endorsing his film version of Chrysalis is akin to Guillermo del Toro having Tolkien around to bounce ideas off of and personally endorse his vision for the Hobbit. It's a fanboy filmmaker's dream come true and a sure fire way to get instant credibility from purist naysayers. But, Milan's not the only fanboy who's lucky because it appears that Bradbury will even be making an appearance at the San Diego Comic Con (Saturday July 26th) along with some of the cast and crew of Chrysalis to premiere the film's trailer, answer crowd queries, and launch the film's official website. In fact, directly after the presentation, the website will go live with exclusive Bradbury content, including a series of web docs chronicling the film's production. SNAP! More details after the break.

Fans can also catch exclusive interviews with the cast and filmmakers directly from Comic Con via Slice of Sci-Fi airing throughout the weekend on XM Satellite radio and available online at sliceofscifi

Offical Chrysalis site

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