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quietearth [Celluloid 07.10.08] post apocalyptic movie news

Unfortunately there's nothing more then a plot outline and a piece of concept art on this, but the whole world being devastated by an ice age is something I especially loved in Quintet. Here's what we've got: "Set 800 years in the future, in a world gripped by a devastating ice age, the Kingdom of New York is besieged by the Kindom of London and the Empire of Neo Tokyo in a bitter battle for freedom. Don't know when they will start filming. Here's a production sketch below." Check here for a high-rez copy of the concept art. Thanks to Wraith for the sweet find.

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Dave Kellum (10 years ago) Reply

What's that you say? Hollywood is making something I really want to see...? This might be screwed up somehow, but we'll see O_O


Joachim (9 years ago) Reply

Is there any news about the film...?

Date of Relese...
Story Line...

And all that stoff


quietearth (9 years ago) Reply

not as of yet.. the folks doing this are working on the popbot film first.


GuessWho (8 years ago) Reply

Wheres da movie???
It isnt even online!!!

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